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Cramming Clemmer into the Line of Red-Hot Fire?

November 20th, 2009

The Florida Panthers travel to Hockeytown to play the Detroit Red Wings who, despite a slow start, has posted a 7-2-1 record in their last 10 games. The Cats too have a good 10 game streak coming on; posting a 6-3-1 record in their last 10.

However, this is the Red Wings we’re talking about. A team that boasts the likes of Datsyuk and Zetterberg and recently mauled the Columbus Blue Jackets 9-1.

They then disappointingly lost their last home game to Dallas 1-3 and will thus be motivated to get their mojo going again against us.

So, with this background coach Peter DeBoer takes a hard long look on the schedule and decides to put Scott Clemmensen between the pipes…

Yes, the same goalie that called out his teammates after letting in 7 goals against Washington—whilst still remaining positively philosophical about his own poor performance.

And yes, the one and the same goalie that posts a 5.13 GAA.

So, this is the goalie you decide to go with against one of the most high-powered offensive lineups in the NHL, Pete?

Well smack me and call me Judy; I think we just threw in the towel for this one!

There must be something here I don’t understand.

To investigate we shall dive into the complex inner workings of the head coach and the cerebral ongoing that must have preceded this shocking decision.

OK, ready? Let’s delve into the unknown…

Hmm, Tomas Vokoun has been playing a lot lately and very well too—or I would have been quick to pull him otherwise, and he’ll eventually need a rest. But does it necessarily have to be tonight against the Red Wings?

No, I guess not. Vokoun is a workhorse and thrives when playing as many games as possible and being worked hard in those games—which is why I sometimes instruct the boys to let the shots rain down upon him.

It is still early in the season and he could definitely play both tonight and tomorrow against the Rangers if need be.

However, he will need a rest sooner or later I suppose and Clemmensen is probably, to some extent anyway, playing so poorly because he hasn’t played much hockey for a long time.

If he’s ever to get better—he needs games—and seeing as he has a big contract it would look bad for my boss if he never got to play.

Fair enough. Clemmensen needs game practice and Vokoun will need to rest at some point. But why tonight?

Well, after Detroit we have Conference foes NY Rangers (twice) and Pittsburgh Penguins in line. And if we are to lose any of these four games I’d prefer it to be against the Red Wings; seeing as that wouldn’t impact our improbable bid to make the playoffs as much as losing points to teams in the East would.

OK, that sounds good!

We forfeit tonight’s game, although token resistance must be upheld for appearances, and then blow our steam in the upcoming games instead. Brilliant!

Also, if Clemmer makes a crapper of the Detroit game as well, we can always pull him after a couple of early goals and put Vokoun in there to steady the sinking ship.

And who knows, maybe the boys will feel sorry for Clem and decide to outdo themselves and salvage something from the Joe.

That is not my main goal here, but miracles do happen and at this point I’ll take any point I can get—whilst still remaining realistic and not really expecting too much.

That will make anything gained a bonus!

And who doesn’t like being rewarded when they least expect it!?


Scott Clemmensen thinks he might have found another reason why his GAA is as high as 5.13...

Scott Clemmensen thinks he might have found another reason why his GAA is as high as 5.13...


OK, so that wasn’t the inner workings of DeBoer, gee, I do wonder what gave me away…


I’ll file this away into my new little rants and sarcasm folder and hope for the best tonight.

I try, I really do! But sometimes it’s just so hard to remain positive and hopeful when it comes to the Cats. We win a few games and suddenly I’m expecting the roof to cave in on me. I just can’t help it.

I think I might need help.

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