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Year of the Roblogg

December 17th, 2009

If there was a ‘year of the rat’ that spawned hockey success in South Florida; why not a ‘year of the Roblogg’ as well?

I have come to the conclusion that I bring luck to this team.

(And bad luck too; but I try not emphasizing this part, you know, kind of like the Panthers official website—digging out anything remotely positive—and positively ignoring the rest).

Fact of the matter is that every time I bash the Panthers they then go out and prove me wrong by winning games out of the blue; usually against opposition superior to us.

Just last week I looked at the awful performances of the Cats to that point in time—the road ahead—and, in all my wisdom, decided to write this team off:

“Florida then face Atlanta on Wednesday on home ice, after having lost both previous games to the Thrashers this season, and having gone 1-6 against Southeastern rivals overall. This could very well mean that the Panthers are effectively out of the playoff race by this time next week”.

One week later and, believe it or not, the Panthers sit in eighth spot of the Conference… Like I said; I bring this team luck by bashing them… We can no longer afford to ignore the mounting evidence…

Come to think of it, last season I was optimistic of making the playoffs, and we then tripped at the last hurdle: Maybe I was being too positive?

I shall try and be more negative from now on, I promise.

But… I just can’t help it… The latest wins have me all hoping again—against all reason, and, that’s not even mentioning history—so if we lose points against the horrendous Hurricanes in the upcoming double-header; I guess I’ll have to take my share of the blame as well…

Damn Cats, why do they have to be so freakin’ moody?


Anyway, today it is one year since I started this blog and it’s been a busy time.

I’ve written 160+ articles, almost one every other day, received some additional 160+ comments, and had some 6500 unique visitors—combining for 27275 article reads.

Not too shabby for an independent blog about the Panthers, which—face it—doesn’t have the largest fan-base in modern sports to begin with.

But, my point here isn’t to crow on about such stats, it’s rather to reminisce a little and also to take the opportunity to say a couple of words about this blog and its future.


Starting with the reminiscing…

The blog started with an article named “Stepping Up” on this very day of the waning year that was 2008. Looking at it today (click here) it might as well have been written today, the similarities are not only striking, but downright uncanny.

Beguiled by the Panthers’ sudden turnaround of the 2008/9 season, I could no longer keep my opinions to myself. And like many of my generation could not resist shoving those same repellent views down the throat of poor unsuspecting surfers of the net… Yes, that’s you…

And you’re welcome, you ungrateful ****.

Just joking. Sort of.

Anyway, what was a side project at first—soon snowballed—and literally hours on end was daily spent updating the site, its widgets, and writing long articles.

Of course, behind every deranged man is a woman with a patience of gold and, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, has unwavering belief that her man actually has some sort of clue of what the h*ll he’s doing. This is for you love. Cheers!

And whilst on the soppy speech credits section, I would also like to thank the Panthers’ entire franchise for the startling instances of comedy, slapstick humor, and ever-wishful-thinking, it has provided in this season past.

Who can forget the recent events of Ballard playing baseball with Vokoun’s head, Allen’s headshot on Campbell, or, the flight of the Penguin—Jacques Martin—to Montréal, the subsequent long, long, long, hunt for a replacement GM and—of course—the signing of Ville Koistinen this past summer to a two-year $ 2.4 million deal…

If only some of it had been funny I would be crying of laughter—rather than just howling aimlessly at the dark cruel hands of fate.

Nevertheless, this is the Panthers we’re talking about and if you want to follow this team you need the patience of an angel as they rollercoaster their way through another season of faint playoff hopes—getting, most likely, squashed at the very last moment—as they were last campaign.

OK, enough reminiscing already. I’m getting increasingly depressed myself just writing this—can’t imagine how you poor fellows must be feeling reading this miserable rant.


So to the future instead…

Apart from the blistering Florida successes in hockey we are no doubt expecting to see around the corner (that’s your cue to scoff and go off on a rant of your own) I will be continuing this blog, but will do it more on a part-time basis.

It’s simply taking too much time and endeavor to keep up a pace of an article every other day; in addition to keeping up widgets and additional pages.

So, as some may have noticed, my homemade widgets have to a large extent been replaced by automated ones and the Southeastern Rivals Watch on Twitter has been discontinued as well.

I’ll keep writing articles when inspiration hits, or I need to vent my frustration, but it may be on a more irregular basis, perhaps one or two articles per week at most.

I was also appointed Featured Columnist on the Bleacher Report at the start of this season and shall continue to double-post my best articles there as well, till the end of the campaign anyway.

After the end of this season I’ll have to see again how much time and effort I’d like to put in to this blog, but it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to keep up maintenance as well as I did this previous year.

This because to some extent I’d like to add my name to the ever-growing list of failed novelists and shall try to give that particular endeavor the attention it deserves. After all, we can never have too many starry-eyed wannabe novelists, can we?

Hopefully however, you’ll still deem this site worthy of your time and the strenuous strength required to make that ‘click’ on the mouse—so you can continue to come back and visit the blog on a frequent basis and read any future articles. Perhaps even comment a bit as well—if I’m anyway wishing—as that makes the effort of continuing this site much more worthwhile.

Here’s hoping the coming year will be a successful one that brings the post-season back to South Florida. God knows we deserve it!

And here’s a ‘thank you for reading’ and hope you come back, y’all!

Don’t be a stranger. You can most likely not be stranger than me anyway, so you are in good company here…




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  1. December 25th, 2009 at 13:25 | #1

    DeBoer sent Matthias back to Rochester today. He had a 3 game scoring streak just a few games ago and Gregory Campbell continues to be a big zero. Florida will get to the playoffs one day but it won’t be under DeBoer.

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