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Back Again in a Familiar Place

April 13th, 2010

So here we are. Out of the playoffs again and hoping to win the lottery. Classic Panthers Hockey!

It’s been a hard season to bear, let alone watch. I’m glad I took a pause from the calamity of it all. Probably saved my sanity in the end.

Can’t say the same about my sleep unfortunately. Many sleepless nights racking the brain as to why we suck so badly. Like most of you, no doubt.

Nonetheless, what I spelt out in the previous post is still true. Whilst having not posted for a long time, I’ll try to write a new one every once in a while. Kind of like the Panthers; you can’t expect too much consistency, but when things are good — a couple of pearls might fall out of an otherwise pigswill sky.

Now, let’s hope for our number coming up and that the organization doesn’t trade the first overall pick for another bag of pucks, shall we?

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