October 23rd, 2009

A few words about this blog…

Whilst having been up and running since December 2008, this blog is still being updated and features added; in the hope of being able to make this blog, and site, one you’ll keep coming back to in search of Panthers Hockey news, information and speculation. Brimming with opinions and in-depth analysis, we hope that you – the reader – will not only visit regularly to be updated, but also interact and comment on the site.

Having started this blog in December of 2008, the 2009/10 season will be the first full year of Roblogg’s Panthers Portal. And whilst coming from humble beginnings, simply a fan watching and commenting on hockey, I hope to be able to make this the site for Panthers fans.

It has already received plenty of praise for it’s in-depth articles and has also been featured in the magazine ‘The Hockey News’ as well as regularly being mentioned as "the top independent blog for the Florida Panthers". In addition, you can now also find my articles featured on the NHL’s official newsletter for the Panthers.

It is indeed the aim of this blog to become the top blog about the Cats. But, the site is not made and maintained by a mass of professionals seeking to maximise profites, and so, I hope you’ll understand that I can’t provide that kind of around-the-clock depth, but what’s lacking in quantity I am determined to make up for with quality!

…so without much further ado:


Welcome to this blog about the Florida Panthers!

Please check back regularly and tell your friends.


/The Editor
Robert Young


A few words about Rob


Originally lured over to the sunshine state from Sweden by the alluring Floridian wife that is mine, I soon found it was easy enough to call these beaches of swirling sunbeams and warm winters – home.

Since I am a lifelong – slightly obsessive – sports fan, it felt natural to start looking for a local sport to follow upon arrival. Due to soccer being a minor sport here, and no decent local teams exist, the options were a bit limited for someone not born and bred on American pastimes such as football or baseball. Of the big four sports here in the U.S.A. only hockey was ever a viable option for me, but, luckily enough a local team of prominence did exist – the Florida Panthers.

Being a Swede I had been exposed to hockey from an early age and as the country itself I always held the game as my second sport. After a Thanksgiving stuffing of the NY Rangers at the Bank Atlantic Center I was hooked and hence forth adopted the Panthers as my team of choice.

My sanity deteriorated quickly from this point and I soon found me and my wife being in regular attendance at the B.A.C. in Sunrise. I had developed a crazed fervor for the sport equal to that of my everlasting soccer zeal.

As of October 2009, I am also a Featured Columnist over at Bleacher Report and you can find my main articles there as well.

If you wish to contact me personally, please use the form on the ‘Contact’ page.


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