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January 28th, 2009


This site is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by, the Florida Panthers Hockey Club, the National Hockey League or any other organization.

To the best of my knowledge all information and news reported here are correct and based on official news reports and aim to provide source linkage when possible. Errors are likely to happen, but the site administrator works hard to minimize any such unfortunate occurrences. Please report to the site administrator if any such mistakes have been made.

Any opinions expressed are entirely those of Roblogg and its administrators, except for those expressed in comments; which are the opinions of the commenter.

While the goal is to use own photography when possible, other sources are used at times. The expressed aim of this site is to alter any photographs so that they don’t resemble the original or interfere with any copyright protection or with monetary profits by the rightful owner.

Any other incidental use of copyrighted material, including team logo’s or league brands, is used in the understanding that this site promotes these brands and does not interfere with any profits the owner hopes to receive from them.

If any owner of copyrighted material wishes them to be removed from the site; they need just contact the site administrator and this will be speedily arranged.

Any material conceived, created or photographed by this sites owner is in turn subject to copyright and any usage must first be agreed to by the site administrator. Any other usage is not permitted.

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